© Andrew Taylor | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Andrew Taylor | Dreamstime Stock Photos

1.      You offer up a burnt offering anytime you attempt cooking. The fire department actually came knocking the last time you lit the stove.

2.      You show up at the airport to find out that your flight left on time – yesterday.

3.      You have 20 open tabs on your computer and can’t even remember what you were searching the web for.

4.      Drinking coffee relaxes you or even puts you to sleep.

5.      You missed the mortgage payment last month because you got distracted while doing the “bill pay” online.

6.      You left your infant child in the car at the parking lot at work unintentionally, because you forgot to drop him off at the sitter on your way out in the morning.

7.      You forgot to pick up your child from school because a call came in and you chatted with your BFF (Best Friends Forever) for a whole hour.

8.      You’ve been fired from 3 or more jobs for lack of focus and follow-through with job assignments.

9.      You are razor-focused on any tasks that you enjoy but get insanely bored with everything else.

10.  You get the response “not another project that will go unfinished” when you share your brilliant idea with a loved one.

If you answered yes to any one of the ten items, you very likely have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

All kidding aside, below is a research validated questionnaire that can tell you if you very likely have ADD/ADHD or not.

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