Howling and screaming while trying to have a bowel movement is not fun way to go through life!

The thing is that most cases of constipation are preventable. Stop the offending habits that got you constipated in the first place and the thought of taking a bathroom trip wouldn’t have you break out in cold sweats .

You don’t want to get into the vicious cycle of not being able to have a BM without medications. Use any constipation medication long enough and your gut will develop a tolerance for it; meaning the medication ceases to work for you.

So when it comes to the run-of-the-mill constipation, going “natural” is the best way.

Maybe I will touch on over the counter medications for constipation in a future Healthgist edition (so stay subscribed, will you?) but the focus today is on “natural” ways to keep that gut of yours regular.

5 Natural Ways to Keep Your Gut Regular

1. Drink more water

By far the cheapest remedy for constipation out there.

2. Increase your fiber intake

Forget the juicing fad. If you must take on a fad diet, go with the “green smoothie” fad. You get to gulp down your fiber.

Eat up your fruits and veggies. The fibers in them do amazing things like making the trip to the bathroom pleasurable again. Hold up your nose and consume those prunes.

3. Try Metamucil

For haters of fruits and veggies (what planet are they from?), pick up Metamucil pill or fiber at your local pharmacy. If Metamucil is just too grainy for your taste, try Citrucel –you will pay more for being picky.

Expert tip on using fiber: remember tip #1; drink more water. Not drinking enough water while using taking a fiber supplement will have you feeling bloated.

4. Use probiotics

Available everywhere supplements are sold. If the thought of swallowing a pill makes you jag, try Activia Yogurt.

5. Try Senna (Senokot)

Made from the senna plant available everywhere supplements are sold.

Here is a bonus #6 just for getting this far-

6. Exercise

Your gut engages in a wave-like movement that causes food taken by mouth to move along the whole gut with the final waste product coming out as poop. Being upright and moving helps the process of peristalsis. So keep moving will you!

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