The medical community can’t seem to make up their mind on hormone replacement therapy for treatment of hot flashes. The pendulum has swung from “save women from themselves by giving them estrogen” to “estrogen will kill you” and that pendulum is still swinging as we speak!

The right answer is somewhere in the middle. The decision to use estrogen should be on an individual basis. Don’t use estrogen for osteoporosis prevention or treatment.

There are numerous alternatives now without the potential risks of hormones. Don’t be fooled by the “designer” hormone formulations known as bio-identical hormones- the risks of uterine and breast cancers as well as blood clots and strokes are the same.

There are however instances where using hormone replacement would make sense. Here are 5 reasons:

1. You have tried everything but hormones for your hot flashes and nothing has worked.

2. You no longer have a uterus.

3. You do not have a personal or family history of breast cancer.

4. You agree to use the lowest possible dose of estrogen that would alleviate your hot flashes

5. You agree to wean off hormones in 5 years or at age 60, whichever come first.

you are asking “what can I do about the annoyingly frustrating hot flashes and irritability”?

No worries because we’ve got you covered! The Menopause Treatment Option Pros and Cons Cheat Sheet provides you with the following:

Pros and Cons of the Different Menopause Treatments blurred

1.  All of the most common non-medicinal, herbal supplements and prescription options for managing those hot flashes.

2. This valuable cheat sheet goes over the upsides and the pitfalls of each treatment options with goal of helping you pick the right choice for YOU.

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