Al Ebnereza via Flickr

Al Ebnereza via Flickr

Summer is well underway and the BBQ, beach, outdoor, and pool season welcomes us.

The following is a quick reminder of how to keep yourself and your family members, especially kids water safe.

A sobering statistic is that most drownings occurs in the home pool. Even more startling is the fact that the majority of kid drownings occur when other adults are around. Mostly it’s due to the fact that kids drown SILENTLY.

Real life drowning accidents are definitely NOT like they are portrayed on TV shows and movies where you see someone loudly and frantically flailing their arms about. In reality, kids don’t shout out and thrash about.  Instead they silently drown unnoticed. Even kids who know how to swim can easily get into trouble.

Dangerous distractions include the other kids and adults splashing about, adults not actively scanning and watching their kids poolside. Adults drinking alcohol and letting their guards down. There are a variety of other reasons and excuses but the tragic thing is that all drownings can be prevented.

Follow the next few tips for a safe and healthy swim season: (for this summer and year round too)

1. Actively WATCH your kids or assign a responsible adult to do so–Don’t rely on your host.

2. TRAIN your kids on what to do should they start to cramp up or get jostled about in the pool

3. Require at least once hourly BREAKS where your child has to get out of the pool, use the time to use the restroom if needed and reapply sun block

4. Take basic CPR class and update it every 2 years

5. If your child is not a strong swimmer, require them to wear a coast guard approved Vest.  Arm floaties or waist inner tubes are not an adequate substitute.

Enjoy the poolside and stay safe.

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