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I don’t know how we got wrapped up with the term “birth control” but a more accurate job description of the pill would be “pregnancy control”.

Pregnancy control however is just one of the many things taking the pill can do for you.

I would actually say up to a quarter of women taking the pill use primarily for it’s other benefits while the pregnancy control aspect is simply the icing on the cake.

Here are some of the lesser known reasons for taking the pill;

1. Period Regulation

If your period has a penchant for skipping weeks or months at a time or overstaying it’s welcome, the pill will help retrain your body to get back on schedule. You would need to stay on the pill for 3-6 months in this instance.

2. Acne Control

Better complexion is only a pill away. I fibbed there; you would need 3-6 months of using the pill to see if it has a positive effect on your acne.

3. Breast Cyst Control

Using the pill is one of the two ways to reduce your chances of making new breast cysts if you are a breast cyst former. Cutting back on your caffeine intake is the other.

4. Ovarian Cyst Control

The “pill” prevents ovulation from taking place. Most cysts in the ovaries are formed during ovulation, so we can assume that not ovulating means that no new cysts are being formed in the ovaries.

5. Treatment of Anemia

Those heavy monthly periods can take their toll. Birth control pills will help to keep the menstrual flow in check so you get to keep more of your own blood.

There you have it!

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    • Holly,

      Aren’t you thrilled that we have more options for birth control besides the pill? The pill is not for everyone, certainly not for people who get migraines, have liver issues, history of blood clots or simply cannot tolerate it.

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