Did you know that doctors have a diagnosis called “Worried Well?”

No, this does not mean that the person has a disease or is great at the anxious tendency of worrying.

It actually means that the person is healthy and normal. It’s good news if this is charted in your records for the visit as we all have nagging thoughts or worries about certain symptoms or signs that need to be assessed at times.

“Worried Well” Psychology Definition: Legitimate Concern?

Perhaps it’s just a niggling thought someone placed there in your mind like having your best friend’s cousin die suddenly of a brain aneurysm and now that occasional headache seems a bit more ominous.

Or you are hearing a lot on the health media about skin cancer these days; that mole on your chest that you know you had since childhood kind of seems to be growing a bit now?

Reasonable patients use their various resources and come in for check and exam and usually find that their worries were not needed and are relieved. The doctor can provide that relief and assurance.

The patient who is prone to anxiety or hypochondriacal tendencies however seem to be more anxious and dissatisfied unless “tests” are done or “specialists” are consulted, however unwarranted or unnecessary.

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Symptoms and signs easily get misconstrued and data gathering becomes complicated, inaccurate and can sometimes lead down the wrong path to misdiagnosis or medical labels.

Understanding The Worried Well – Counselling & Coaching

Avoid this pitfall by being as honest and as thorough about your concerns as you can. Find the one or two health providers who know you, listen well and can be your objective guide in keeping you as healthy as possible and then rely on them.

Then rejoice when you get this diagnosis of “worried well” because it simply means you had a legitimate concern that turned out NOT to be a disease or life threatening illness.

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