Carol VanHook Via Flickr

Carol VanHook Via Flickr

The billion dollar beverage industry will have us believing that their liquid product can improve our energy levels, sex lives, happiness and make us somehow more cool.

But of course, the truth is that you really can’t improve on the health benefits and importance of good ‘ole water- whether it’s bottled near an old volcanic waterfall, is called ‘smart’ or contains “natural” flavorings.

Since the body is mainly water staying well hydrated helps with all bodily functions. Getting dehydrated is another way of saying you are concentrating your blood down and there is more toxins and junk in relation to water.

Overtime this can cause a myriad of symptoms like, nausea, headache, constipation, fatigue, and muscle cramps. Severe dehydration causes confusion, lethargy, arrhythmias and even death within 3 days of getting fresh water.

Remember, a human can actually go over 40+ days without food (though they will feel awful and be emaciated) but can die in 3 days without water.

Though it varies for each person, and depends on activity level and on whether one has other medical problems- the average healthy person should drink at least 64 oz per day and then monitor their urine color once in awhile. I often say that if your urine is clear to very pale yellow you are well hydrated.

If your urine looking like lemonade, you might want to drink a glass or 2 more.  If you are looking at apple juice or light beer color, you definitely need to drink more and get checked by your doctor if it persists.

I recommend sticking to only these 3 liquids in adults (for most of the time)

1. Plain Water, or caffeine free teas (the kind you steep yourself)

2. Fresh squeezed or blended fruit/veggie drinks

3.  Black decaf coffee but remember this still has some caffeine which can dehydrate you.

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