cup_of_coffeeWriting this while vacationing in this vibrant city in South Korea; Seoul strikes me as this Asian mecca that is a wondrous blend of metropolises like San Francisco, Manhattan and Milan.

A quick walk in the city center square leading to the historic BLUE house (the presidential headquarters) I’m also struck by all the cafe’s and coffee shops in the vicinity. One every few steps and on every corner!

The citizens here certainly support and drink more than the average person does in the states. As a fellow coffee snob I enjoyed sampling all that Seoul had to offer from Turkish to Italian blends as I reviewed the health pros and cons of this magical smoky elixir.

At times, I do have to recommend that certain patients decrease their intake of coffee (and other
caffeinated beverages) as the CONS can include:

1. Insomnia/sleep disturbances

2. Urine incontinence issues

3. Headaches

4. Heartburn

5. Palpitations

6. Dry eyes

7. Dehydration

However, I personally “perk up” as more solid health data and studies show the possible benefits as well. So have your cup of Joe and enjoy (Black is best).

PROS of indulging in coffee:

1. Energy

2. Enjoyment and Pleasure

3. Mind Clarity

4. Stabilization of blood sugars and diabetes risk reduction

5. Micro-nutrients and antioxidant effects

6. Diuretic effect

7. Included in cancer and other medical treatments

So go ahead, enjoy your cup of coffee without guilt. It might even buy you a few more good years.

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