I grew up doing this; you probably did too- patting your inner thighs with talc powder. Some of us took it further by actually pouring the powder into our underwear or directly on the panty liner.

Wearing pants more than skirts kind of helped stop the friction of my thighs rubbing together so I have not had to do the talc powder thing in a long time.

If you still pat your inner thighs with talc powder, please stop that habit this second. Reports are coming out about the fact that the talc powder triggers an inflammatory reaction down there that could lead to developing a rare form of ovarian cancer.

This reasoning makes sense because cancer cells are not necessarily alien or foreign cells. They are actually normal cells produced by an individual’s body but these cells have gone rogue and no longer respond to any checks or balances.

You want to limit any known triggers that could cause inflammation or make your normal cells go ballistic; ahem  tanning booths.

Did you ever pat your thighs with talc powder? Will this piece of information make you ditch the habit?

While we are on the topic of cancer in women; more young women are coming down with THIS cancer, unlike ovarian cancer, this cancer is “above the belt” . No, it’s not breast cancer.

The report on the New Cancer of Young Women:

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