This is our gift to our beautiful and busy Healthgist gals, who like us… haven’t even started Christmas (or Hanukkah) shopping yet.

A tried and true list of 7 great products & services that show you have your loved one’s health in mind as you bestow them with a thoughtful gift! Some of these cool gifts can actually SAVE LIVES!

We took the stress and time out of the driving, looking for parking, fighting the crowds, and long lines that’s usually involved during the holidays- get one for yourself, too!

1. Blue Apronrsz_blue_apron

-an efficient grocery and meal planner in one box right to your door!
-everything you need comes fresh, measured, & ready to cook up
-delicious (and the best part) the question of “what to make for dinner?” ANSWERED. YES!

2. Viactiv Calcium Chewsrsz_viactiv

-It’s never too early to start supplementing the hard to get minerals and vitamins- this particular one can help save you and your loved one from a debilitating fracture

3. Super GoopSupergoop_brand_image

-the best company for safe, easy to use skin care and sun protection products

4. Period Pantiesrsz_shethinx

-superabsorbent for those pesky menses days when red leaks are an embarrassing possibility. We also think it would be great for our other leaks and minor bladder or feminine discharge issues

5. Holiday Hosesupport hose

-have a traveller to buy for? Why not try a comfy pair of compression stocking which could actually save their lives by preventing a blood clot while on long trips in cars, trains, and planes!

6. Hair Powderhair powder

-a great way to touch up those roots with a smooth stay put brush on powder that doesn’t get into the air you breathe or sweat off
-can help to go longer and skip hair dye jobs which we all know is healthier for you, the environment, the wallet and save time away from that salon chair Joan Rivers Great Hair Fill-In Powder

7. Healthgist U tuition

university-library-gift your loved one with a membership to the on-line health information resource that can help improve her health and life.

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Dr. Bola

Family physician. Works for the "man" by day, wife & mom 24/7.
Loves the work of translating "medicalese" to plain english.


  • Dear Dr. Bola, I wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday season. I hope you are now settled into your desert home.

    I have a question about the Move More Challenge. Is this the same program as last year? I have faithfully followed the tips you gave then, and this sounds like the same or similar program.

    Please keep up the good work, as I certainly enjoy the articles that you and Dr. Carol write. I have done my best to share with others about Healthgist and encourage them to join as well.

    I wish you all the best.

    • Ms. Parker,

      Thanks for the well wishes. We are doing our best to settle in here in the desert. Still working through some boxes and putting things where they belong.

      Yes it’s the same Move More Challenge which you already have “lifetime” access to so you are set.

      Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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