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wolfsoul via Flickr

Things hit close to home when I noticed that my usually active mother started to need frequent breaks and could not speak full sentences without being breathless.

Her doctor diagnosed an arrthymia (abnormal heart rhythm) which affects circulation and made her heart need to pump harder just to keep the normal levels of oxygen in her system.

Eventually this struggle makes her retain fluid on her chest and abdomen (congestive heart failure) region further aggravating the situation.

After a brief hospital stay and new medications she is feeling better though adjusting to a new no salt diet and blood thinners mandates regular blood testing. Visit site monicashealth magazine

The advice I give to my patients about not overdoing the celebrations comes to mind during the holiday season.
Doctors usually see patients in the early months of the new year, with congestive heart failure issues and flares since the patients relaxed a bit too much from their strict no salt and low fluid diets.

Of course wanting to enjoy oneself is completely is understandable and saying ‘NO thank you” to the loved ones around you trying to feed you with food love is nearly impossible.

Avoid the ‘Holiday Heart’ or at least contributing negatively to your folks or your loved ones health by realizing that the saltier, fattier and relatively heavy holiday foods can actually harm and possibly kill them if their next congestive heart failure (CHF) exacerbation leads to complete heart failure or to one of the many related complications.

If you have been diagnosed with CHF or know someone who has here are a few simple tips to avoid the harmful HOLIDAY HEART

1. Offer low salt or NO salt dishes

2. Watch fluid intake (No alcohol, limit soups, water filled

3. Remember to take ALL medications– travel and altered holiday schedules often throw
off the timing and cycles of the doses and they are also often forgotten all together

4. Limit seconds and don’t push more food on your family and friends who might be on
special cardiac diets

5. Offer hugs and times of service and trips as gifts. Don’t offer love with unhealthy
baked goods or heavy casseroles

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