You just saw yourself in the mirror and rejected the image staring back at you. Who is that imposter? That can’t be me!

So you do what any rational person does in such circumstance?

You enroll in a gym or start an exercise routine. You exercise for hours on end, trying to cramp in one week’s worth in a day. With all the weight loss reality shows on TV, you figured that if those contestants could lose double digits every week why can’t you.

More exercise is always good right? Not always.

We call this phenomenon the “weekend warrior” syndrome. Your enthusiasm can cause you harm if not harnessed properly. Beside the danger of flaming out from the sheer intensity, you can do a lot of damage to your body.


When you start an intense work-out routine without building it up gradually, you stand the risk of breaking down your muscles. A good exercise routine burns fat and builds muscle.

Intense workout routines when implemented too fast too soon break down muscle. The muscle breakdown overwhelms the kidneys and this could cause the kidneys to fail.

So how can you prevent this gory outcome? Curb your enthusiasm, build up your routine gradually and remember to stay hydrated through the whole process.

We are kicking off a fitness challenge that would help you do just that. The Move More Tone Up challenge is just what the doctor ordered for the busy woman who is too exhausted and time-cramped for exercise.

Click the play button below then go over to Move More Pathyway to win, earn or better still; buy your ticket to the Move More challenge.

See you there!

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