Dancing womenWe hope you are enjoying the holidays.

On Tuesday we shared the epiphany we had from what started as a curious exercise. If you missed that email, read it HERE.

We conducted the most unscientific research out there asking folks what they would rather have for weight management; eat less or move more.

Everybody (except Dr. Bola’s hubby) gave the same response. He is a stomach doctor by the way, which explains his contrarian views.

Moving More is what we all prefer to do to maintain or lose weight. The truth is that eating less is hard to sustain on a long-term basis and that is why keeping a diet fails us every time.

Yes, you have to eat less of the bad stuff and eat more of the good stuff. What you don’t have to do is starve or deprive yourself in the name of maintaining or losing weight.

What you need is a consistent system for moving more that is not location dependent (no gym required) or time-consuming (move and tone up while getting other stuff done).

The Move More/Tone Up challenge is just what the doctor ordered for the time-starved and energy-deficient woman who wants to be in the best health possible.

NO added time, NO equipment, books or special clothing is needed for this fitness routine.
We want as many Healthgist gals on this challenge so you have 3 pathways to make it there;



Or the simplest, fail-proof way to get in….

BUY IT (or even GIFT IT to a friend) at an early bird price of $39; good through midnight December 31st. The price increases to $47 in the New Year.

Pick your pathway and let’s roll!


Dr. Bola & Dr. Carol

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