One frustrating fact for us gals is that for a lot of our lives we need “diapers” in one form or another. Of course we start out as babies and need the traditional diapers until about age 3.

Then some start needing sanitary pads as early as age 9. And then after menopause, the chance of needing urine/fecal incontinence pads goes up- like in waaay up!

We can’t do much about the first 2 stages and reasons for diapers, but the following information can decrease your chances of having urinary and rectal incontinence issues in the last decades of life. The earlier one is aware and starts with prevention strategies, the better.

7 Tips for Avoiding the Adult Diaper Aisle;

1. Avoid (at least keep to a minimum) diuretics like caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

2. Eat healthy to maintain a normal weight.

3. Stay regular and avoid constipation like a plaque! All that pushing and bearing down weakens the pelvic floor muscles.

4. STOP smoking. The repetitive “smokers cough” gets in the way of bladder control.

3. Stay on a regular bladder/voiding pattern as much as possible. You don’t want to overstretch those bladder muscles.

4. Perform kegel’s or other pelvic floor muscle exercises on a daily basis.

5. Check with your doctor to make sure your don’t have the more severe form of urine and bowel incontinence and to screen for other causes like infections.

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