Ryan Weisgerber Via Flickr

Ryan Weisgerber Via Flickr

Is a chiropractor worth your money?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask since there are 2 camps on the subject.

There are those who see no science in what chiropractors do and the other camp consists of folks who feel that chiropractic treatments are the best thing since sliced bread.

I have never received chiropractic treatments but I have had a chiropractor as a patient in my practice and I have referred a fair number of my patients to chiropractors over the years.

The craft of a chiropractor involves touch- touching their patients. Something I think we in the mainstream medical profession should be do more of. Compassion and healing flows through touch.

Do I believe that having your back “alignment” right will fix your life long struggle with say constipation or cure your high blood pressure? No I don’t, that would really be stretching it.

If you however suffer from back or neck pain, trying out a chiropractor might not be a bad idea. Chiropractic treatment may just be what the doctor ordered to rid you of your pain.  So what if you don’t find it helpful? You can then go on and try something else.

I would rather my patients try all the complementary treatments (AKA alternative medicine) there is than get hooked on prescription pain medications.

I see some chiropractors branching out of their scope of practice and assuming the role of a primary care physician or peddling their version of the “potent elixir” or some miracle in a bottle that would give you ageless beauty or melt your belly fat.

Those are the chiropractors you should be wary of.

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