Every 5 years or so, the general physician has to help patients unravel the truth about the latest “drinkable” beverage trend.

Whether it’s the astronaut’s favorite orange drink, or one of the myriad of sodas (aka pop), diet,  zero or regular, a powdered adult kool-aid like product to mix into good ole’ water, or more recently, all the “energy drinks”.

The billion dollar beverage industry is trying to tell us we could be smarter, sexier, have more energy and downright be cooler IF we consume their products.

This market implies we are fat, lazy, undesirable, and downright thirsty and dumb without  the processed liquids.

But in reality, we know for a fact, that our parents and grandparents, who came from a generation that consumed more water and coffee were basically slimmer and healthier than the current generation, who have always had soda around and drink it or one of it’s sweet cousins nearly daily.

The days where soda was a rare beverage you got with a social event or at a birthday party (the 7-up spiked punch with ice cream floating in the bowl)  gradually became a regular, daily, mainstream drink purchasable in bulk.

Nowadays, I have to hold back from interrupting a  young and I presume ,well meaning father from pouring some of his brown soda from his 64 oz monster fountain drink into his chunky toddlers sippy cup!

Yes, I have witnessed this and my husband had to put a hand on me to keep me from getting up and “educating” the young man.

I also have to keep from rolling my eyes when perfectly normal adults complain about insomnia, headaches and constipation that obviously stem from poor diet and overconsumption of these sweet/carbonated beverages almost to the exclusion of pure fresh water.

I get incredulous looks when I share that though I love the taste of coke and ginger-ale, that I consume it rarely- less than one or 2 servings a month. I keep it a rare  thing since I know there is absolutely NOTHING about it that benefits my health.

So, if drinking sweet processed beverages is a regular occurrence in your home and lives, your next Healthgist challenge is to minimize this habit.

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  • It’s crazy how drinking water is almost a rarity in most people’s diets. While I do imbibe on those less than healthy sugary drinks occasionally…I definitely make sure we get our daily intake of water!

  • Drinking water is so much better for us. Recently, I heard someone say that children should drink 8 oz of water every fifteen minutes during the summertime activities. I think that’s a bit excessive.

    • Adela,

      I would agree that 8 oz every 15 minutes is a bit excessive. How about simpling drinking when you are thirsty? Let your body tell you how much it needs.

  • OMG! I think you have just prompted me back into another 30-day water challenge. I felt so much better after about a week. Anyhow, I am also concerned with the obsession of bottled water and the spread of the misinformation about it being better for you than tap. I am thinking about putting a filter on my tap whether it works or not so my 12 year old daughter will drink ‘plain’ water.

    • I was in a hotel room the other day where they had bottled water with a price tag of $4! Bottled water is a big industry, the environmental waste caused by proliferation of bottled water is a big concern.

  • I hate drinking water, it’s so boring! I try to spice it up with fruit in it or something. I do not drink enough water!

  • Water is so important to me! I drink so much water and my kids only ask for water. I’m lucky because we home school so they are not surrounded by sugary drinks and whatnot all day. I do allow them one glass of anything else at dinnertime but the rest of the day.. it’s water.

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