Daniel Oines via Flickr

Daniel Oines via Flickr

We all know someone like this right? The one we try not to let get too close as their breath is so foul and distracting you wonder how anyone can kiss them?

Or perhaps you have been the one (at times) to lead with your breath too?

Morning breath can sometimes stay on to be afternoon, evening and all day bad breath too. You are not without respite though. I will go over 6 common causes of bad breath and what you can do to stop foul breath from ruining your relationships.

6 most common causes of foul breath (besides food) you may not have realized

1. Poor oral hygiene

Not brushing your teeth, tongue and flossing twice a day? Or the recommended every 6 month hygiene cleaning of your teeth?

Neglecting your mouth can cause not only cavities but low grade gum and deep teeth infections that lead to putrid odors

2. Smoking or Chewing tobacco

Need I say more? Put out the light on the cigarette and quit smoking , period.

3. Dry Mouth

There are many causes including some autoimmune conditions, but make sure you are not making things worse by over using mouthwashes & mints and overusing chewing gum.

Without the natural wash out saliva produces the build-up of bacteria is inevitable. If dry mouth is a problem you have, you can try out artificial saliva for lubrication.

Don’t be grossed out by the thought of spraying artificial saliva in your mouth. All it is salt and water made fancy.

4. Post Nasal Drip

If you are prone to allergies or the sniffles, and tend to swallow allergic mucus throughout the day, this can lead to foul odors as well.

So get treated for your post-nasal drip if bad breath is also an issue.

5. Heartburn

Acid reflux and digestion issues can lead to unpleasant odors too. Burping up gassy and acidic fumes can be smelled by those close to you as well.

Treatment: stay away from inciting agents like spicy foods, alcohol and citric acid containing foods- orange juice. Get treated for your acid reflux condition.

6. Medications and supplements

Check to make sure all those medications and supplements are not adding to your halitosis as many can not only turn your urine a strange neon color, they can the pH of your saliva and stomach contents as well.

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