What Happened When Nancy Started Working From Home

Weaving through traffic trying to make it to the daycare before 6 PM, Nancy’s mind drifted to the possibility of not having this daily grind of racing to the daycare before closing time.

What if she didn’t have to do the commute to get to work?
What if she could go and come as she pleased? Sweet freedom!
What if she could have full control of her work day, maybe even work in her jammies sometimes?
What if she could pick up the kids after school instead of having them go to after-school care?

Yep, all her present work stress would be all disappear once she quits her office job and starts working from home. So Nancy took that leap, quit her job and it’s been peaches and cream ever since.

Fairy tale huh? Here is Nancy’s work-from-home reality;
» Instead of being stressed in the rush-hour traffic, she is now stressed 24/7. Working longer hours? No, she is now working ALL the time tethered to her smart phone and her lap top.

» She feels isolated and lonely.

» She feels guilty about the fact that though she is home when the kids get back from school, she is not present with them. Something that wasn’t a problem when she worked outside of the home. Back then she was able to leave work at work.

» She is also gaining weight and not sleeping well.

» Even worse is the lack of respect for her time and contribution by friends and family members who just assume she is home all day doing nothing. Not to mention all the honey-dos her spouse is now assigning to her.

Nancy is now seriously considering folding this work-from-home set up and going back to getting a job outside of the home.

If Nancy’s story sounds like yours, we want you to know that there is hope. Before you give up on working from home, we implore you to try one more thing. If this thing does not work for you, then it’s okay to explore other avenues for making a living and providing for your family.
Dr. Bola & Dr. Carol

We want you to give the Work-From-Home Lifesavers Program a fair shot and join us for this pilot program.

The Work-From-Home Woman Lifesavers Program is just what the doctor ordered to get you from that state of disarray, low energy, spinning your wheels but getting no where, depression, chaos and poor productivity (and  meager income) to a where you are feel in control of your life and your work day. We would work with you to get you thriving again.

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What We Know

We heard from 260 women working from home. They shared their triumphs; how they made the decision to work from home for the freedom, flexibility and control this work arrangement affords while being present for their families.

They shared the conflicts, the struggles and the frustrations they were going through, some bordering on clinical depression.

While each woman’s story was unique, the patterns were all very similar. We know we can help get the wounded back on her feet again. When mama is  happy, everyone is happy. The opposite is true too.

Excelling and thriving in your work-from-home environment hinges on one thing and one thing only-

Your sense of control (or lack of it) of your work life.

The 4 pillars you need to feel in control of are;

  • Your mind
  • Your body
  • Your work day
  • Your work space

When you feel like “I’ve got this”, you work better and your productivity is top-notch.

When you feel a loss of control in any one of the four pillars, the “cookie” starts to crumble and you feel overwhelmed.

That loss of control causes despair and hopelessness. If things are not rectified, you start to spiral downwards and depression sets in. Not a desirable place to be.

The Work-From-Home Woman Lifesavers Program over a 5 week period will tackle all 4 pillars so you can stop the overwhelm and get your control back.

So What Would You Find in the Work-From-home Woman Lifesavers Program?

1. We would walk you through some self-discovery assessments to diagnose your problems and to highlight which of the 4 pillars you need to pay special attention to.

2. You will receive your action plan every Sunday for 5 weeks going over the “action(s)” for the week.

3. Each week we would tackle one body pillar and either a mind, work day or work space pillar.

4. The body pillar exercises are designed to be carried out during your work day to improve your stamina and circulation.

5. The body pillar exercises (Move More, Tone Up ) consist of;

Icon - Video A short & sweet video depicting the body pillar action for the week.

Icon - AudioAn audio of the body pillar action for on-the-go consumption.

Icon - InfoA PDF transcript for easy reference should you need to go back to review.

Icon - Bar GraphPrintable worksheets to track your progress.

Who are these doctors anyway?

We are both board-certified family doctors and between us, we have more than 25 years of working experience in the trenches with our patients, advocating for them and motivating them to make healthier choices and celebrating their milestones and wins on the road to better health.

The Work-From-Home Lifesavers Program is not for you if;

 You are not motivated to take action.
Honestly, nothing works till you do something.

⇒ If you are happy with the current state of  your work life.
We are thrilled for you.  Keep up the good work!

 If you have a distaste for rough-around-the-edges pilot programs (even when they have been proven effective).
Right now we are more focused on getting you results. Finesse will come later, at a higher cost of course.

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You Got Questions? We Got Answers.

♦ I don’t have the time to commit to the program?

That reason is precisely why you need the Work-From-Home Lifesavers. We are not into time-wasting fluff here.

Battle-tested, time efficient strategies that would help you enjoy the freedom, the flexibility and the control that working from home affords is what this program is about.

♦ What’s so special or different about this program?

The Work-From-home Lifesavers program was developed using the extensive data we gathered from over 250 women working from home, our intimate knowledge of working women and our over 25 years combined working experience as family physicians.

♦ Where are the testimonials?

This is a pilot program so we don’t have testimonials specific to the Work-From-Home Lifesavers yet. This actually works in your favor because you can get in now at a ridiculous deal while we have it nimble and rough around the edges. The pilot class will also get as much individual attention from us as they desire.

♦ Is there a time limit for my access to the program?

You have a 1 year access to the program (including updates) at the pilot price. You can get a life time access by enrolling in Healthgist University; our membership program.

♦ Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?Money Back Guarantee 100% - Circle Badge Turquoise

Absolutely! We offer a no-questions-asked, full refund within 7 days of the start date if you are not pleased in any way with this program.

♦ Will I need to buy additional gadgets or tools to participate in the program?

Not at all. What you need are stuff you already have; email, internet access and your computer.

♦ Is my credit card information secure on this website?

You bet it is! The whole website and checkout process goes through an encrypted (secured) server so your personal information is protected from the prying eyes of criminals.

For all other questions you may have, feel free to chat live or drop us a line by clicking the chat box on the bottom right corner and we will get back to you in a jiffy.

What Should I Do Now?

1. Click on the orange “enroll now” button below to secure your spot.

2. Once you complete the checkout process you will be redirected to the intake form.

3. You receive each week’s action plan by email on Sunday evening.


Cool? Go ahead with making the payment to secure your spot!

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