Matt Brown via Flickr

Matt Brown via Flickr

I’ve had this recurring THEME in my dreams for years. Not the same dream as some do-
a dream where I get lost.

The location and situation is always different but the fact that I gradually realize that I can’t find my way around a familiar college campus, or get back to the group on the cruise ship, or find the important place on the map in my hand is the recurring LOST factor.

I don’t necessarily get scared or frantic, but that gradual realization or not being able to complete the seemingly simple task of finding my way back to getting to a known destination is frustrating and stressful.

Over the years I see the pattern where if I am more stressed than usual I dream this recurrent LOST dream. On the flip side, if I am well rested, eating well, exercising regularly and more in balance overall I can go months at a time or so without dreaming this theme (But I have it at least once or twice a year)

We could¬†write a book about the possible triggers or meanings of my dream or anyone else’s but here are the possible causes thought to trigger recurrent dreams:
(simplified Healthgist version)

1. Stress and anxiety

2. Dealing with death or trauma

3. Certain medications can cause vivid dreams

4. Sometimes that movie, book, radio show or conversation just before sleep gets incorporated into your dreams

5. The subconscious angst about unfinished tasks, unresolved issues or deep desires

6. Though not scientific, there are those cultures and people who place a spiritual and faith component as dream producers as well

No matter the triggers, dreaming is a healthy part of life and at the very least thought provoking It makes one wonder about our uniquely human complex brain made up of over 100 billion neurons!

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