The most common new years resolution, without a doubt, is to be healthier.

It’s something we all strive for, and something we could all improve on.

We make resolutions to be better, and to do better, and we stick to them: we watch what we eat, we move our bodies, we adopt new self care routines and ditch bad habits… for a little while at least.

Fast forward a few months and here we are. Spring is on the horizon, our spirits are rising with the temperatures, and our new years resolutions are… all but forgotten.

It happens to the best of us. We make resolutions with the best intentions, and then, as it does, life gets in the way. We find ourselves too busy or too lazy, feeling uninterested or uninspired

And that’s a problem.

This is why we’ve decided to share a few of, what we believe, to be the most inspiring current stories relating to modern day health and wellness with you.

Health is…

When we think of health, especially in regards to resolutions or goal setting, we are typically envisioning eating more kale, less cake, and hitting the gym every other day.

But health encompasses so much more than that.

Perhaps these individuals stories’ regarding health, in a broader sense of the term, will inspire you to get back on track with your own health journey – or start a new journey all together!

Who Inspires Us?

The following individuals have overcome obstacles, defied stereotypes, taken action, and are now working to help others do the same.

Molly Smith

You may not know her by name, but you’ve probably seen a post or two of hers on Instagram.

@Molsinspire, her handle on the popular photo-sharing platform, is her way of sharing her fitness story – both successes and struggles – with a whopping 422k followers.

Molly’s story began with food addiction, a real and serious problem, which lead to her weighing over 230lbs at her heaviest and caused her to suffer from severe depression.

But that was then.

Currently, Molly has reached her goal of losing 100 pounds, and is looking, and feeling, better than ever, thanks to her commitment to following a nutritious and balanced diet and keeping active, and is inspiring and supporting others as they begin their own fitness journeys.

You can even join one of Molly’s “Diet Bet” contests if you need a little extra motivation!

Katie Higgins

Katie Higgins is a certified Zumba instructor.

Katie, together with her mother, turned to the fitness/dance classes in hopes of combating the depression she was fighting after the death of her brother. In these classes she found much more than a distraction, she found a passion and, in time, a career.

In 2012, Katie passed her instructor exams and has been teaching her own Zumba classes ever since.

Oh yeah, and did we mention that Katie has Down syndrome?

Katie continues to inspire those who attend her classes, and those all around the world, showing us that we don’t have to cave to the stereotypes that surround us. What we often view as obstacles, in reality, have little or no impact on what we can or cannot do, as long as we believe in ourselves.

You go girl!

Albian Gacias

Cancer is a disease that, in some way or another, has affected us all – just ask Albian Gacias.

After his mother’s battle with pancreatic cancer, Albian knew that he wanted to become a doctor, to help others, like his mother, through these difficult times.

A couple of years later, however, as a 20 years old student working towards this dream, Albian himself was diagnosed – with lung cancer.

It seemed as though this family couldn’t escape the deadly disease. This diagnosis would be enough to dampen the spirits of even the strongest – but Albian wasn’t accepting defeat.

He may put his studies on hold while going through treatment and recovery, but not his dreams.

As soon as he could, Albian was back in school, more determined and passionate than before – and it all paid off.

Last year, Albian (or should we say Doctor Gacias?) graduated from medical school and now uses his personal experiences to help heal and support others.

Miana Bryant

A lot of attention has been brought to the importance of mental health care in recent years – and for good reason. 1 in 5 North Americans will experience mental illness in any given year, and Miana Bryant was one of them.

Miana was bullied throughout high school, and quickly found herself retreating into a dark and negative mental state. She struggled with anxiety and depression, which impacted how she went about her day-to-day life.

Despite these struggles, she began her post-secondary studies. This is where she received some uplifting, and ultimately life-changing, advice from a professor of hers.

Now, today, at only 21 years of age, Miana is the founder of The Mental Elephant, a multi-platform outlet that focuses on both raising awareness about mental health and supporting those who are struggling.

Greta Thunberg

Now we’re really thinking outside of the traditional “health” box.

We don’t typically think about Earth as being “healthy” or “unhealthy”, in fact many of us don’t think about Earth at all – but Greta Thunberg does – and we could all learn an important lesson from her.

Greta, at the young age of 16, has organized strikes, given TED talks, and has even addressed the United Nations at the UN Climate Change Conference, in attempts to bring awareness to and spark action against the increasing problem that is climate change.

We need a healthy planet in order to live healthy lives ourselves – we need to make the wellness of our planet just as much a priority as the wellness of our own bodies.

Is there anyone in your life who inspires you to stay healthy, live better, and strive for your goals? We’d love to hear about them!



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