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It seems fears of brain cancer from cell phones being held close to the head is waning but instead we are hearing more about the much more likely health complication from holding your head in a flexed (bent forward) position for hours at a times, day after day.

I call this a type of CELLPHONE-‘ITIS’.

In this case, we don’t have to wait for decades of research and studies to prove a point. Common sense and a brief interview with front line doctors will show that neck, shoulder and headache complaints have increased exponentially since the advent of the smart phone (culturally only widely in use about 10 years).

Our poor little, weak neck and upper shoulder muscles were not very well suited to hold up our upright heads in the first place, but you add the extra weight and torque of the head in a bent forward position (some studied estimate up to 60 pounds!) and most will succumb over time to the pain.

Initially musculoskeletal pain, and then overtime can progress by adding to the wear and tear process (osteoarthritis) on the neck discs and vertebrae, adding potential nerve impingement pains-which are much more difficult and resistant to treatment.


1. Use a hands free and or wireless accessory regularly and properly

2. Prop up or hold your hand held up as close as possible to eye level

3. LIMIT time on the unit- instead of constantly looking at it and using it every few minutes, set regular time intervals and take care of business in chunks when ergonomics are more ideal

4. Gently stretch and strengthen your neck and upper body muscles (Move More Tone Up exercises)

5. Give yourself E-free day

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