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The single best thing a smoker can do for  herself and her loved ones is to QUIT .

This is not necessarily easy but is certainly achievable at any stage of life.

The top 5 reasons or lies that many use as excuses to continue to smoke are as follows:

1.  “It relaxes me”

nicotine is actually a stimulant so when you go a little longer than usual between ‘hits’ of the substance it starts the withdrawal pangs which overall increase anxiety and agitation so after the next hit— “awhhh…the paradoxical relaxation”.

2. “I’m in control, I only smoke a couple when I am hanging out with my friends”

That’s what all the chain-smoking, 2 pack a day patients said too before they learned that nicotine is the most addictive substance on earth.

3. “I don’t smoke around my kids”

The second-hand smoke surrounding you and oozing from your pores,glands, urine, and saliva all affect those closest to you

The vast majority of smoking teens say they started since their parents or another adult they looked up to did as well. Do you really want to leave that kind of  legacy?

4. “I don’t want to gain weight”

Nicotine is a harmful stimulant of metabolism but studies show that as long as you don’t overeat after you stop smoking, there is no significant weight gain.

Sure, your taste buds and sense of smell will improve without the daily burn they were once getting but you simply have to be aware of the calories you put into your body as all non-smokers do too

5. “I feel sicker when I quit”

Chronic, long-term smokers do go through a “wash out” period both from the physical withdrawal of smoking (usually less than 2 weeks)  and up to months or years from the psychological withdrawal-but the vast majority enjoy increased energy, better sleep and less respiratory issues within 2 months

 You now have 5 counters for the nicotine lies, now put them to use and get the smokers in your life to quit.

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  • Excellent post, I know far too many people that use all these excuses. The sadest people are the ones who have children suffering from asthma, know that smoking makes it worse, yet continue to smoke.. so sad.

  • I would have to respectfully disagree that nicotine is the most addictive substance on earth. I can personally testify that it is, in my own experience, that it is definitely the second most addictive substance I ever had the misfortune to use. The clear King of addictive horror and death is heroin. Cigarettes don’t destroy your mind and unleash the most fiendish, demonic change in the addict’s every decent thought of themselves, the world, and all decent things and feelings in it. Trust me on this one. I’d give my right Johnarm to just have to deal with nicotine.May you all never die alive each and every day like I do.

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