Are you ready to get away for the weekend?

Maybe it’s the warmer or whether or maybe it’s the fact that staying at home has us all feeling stressed, powerless and burnt out.

Between social isolation, working from home and feeling trapped between four walls, it’s understandable that many people feel their mental energy is zapped.

What better way to reinvigorate your spirit than by taking in the fresh air and magnificent views of Canada’s Rocky Mountains?

Check out these amazing locations you can enjoy for a Rocky Mountain weekend getaway this summer:

1. Banff

Located only an hour and a half away from Calgary, Banff National Park is one of the most popular tourist spots in Canada. With its rugged mountains and fresh air, Banff is an amazing spot for a Rocky Mountain weekend getaway!

Book yourself for a lake cruise and experience the Rocky Mountains from a different perspective. These cruises (which, yes, include a beer cruise!) take you around Lake Minnewanka to give you a different experience of Banff National Park.

If you’re looking for another awe-inspiring viewpoint of Banff and the Canadian Rockies, you can always check out the sightseeing chairlifts and gondolas that will bring you over 7,500 feet above sea level to overlook the park.

Banff National Park also boasts an amazing array of local wildlife, which you can experience by taking a wildlife tour. Expect to explore the natural habitats of elk, deer and bighorn sheep.

Where to Stay in Banff:

When traveling to Banff for your weekend getaway, you can always stay right in the town of Banff close to amenities and the downtown area. This area features many hotels to choose from as well as shops, restaurants and bars.

You can also settle down in the Lake Louise area if you’re looking for more peace and quiet. Lake Louise village offers a few accommodation options and a few restaurants.

2. Canmore

The streets of Canmore in canadian Rocky Mountains

Bordering Banff National Park and Kananaskis County, Canmore is a thriving community that boasts beautiful mountain activities during the day and delicious cuisine at night!

Canmore has many restaurants and is often quieter than Banff. So, if you’re looking for a more low-key weekend getaway in the Rocky Mountains, Canmore would be a perfect choice.

Even though Canmore is a quiet town, it doesn’t mean you can’t find adventure! Check out the local helicopter tours that will take you just inches above the peaks of the Canadian Rockies.

Canmore also features a golf and country club for golfers as well as many activities for outdoor enthusiasts such as kayaking, caving, canoeing, rafting, hiking and more!

Where to Stay in Canmore:

The town of Canmore is significantly smaller than Banff but still has quite a few amenities if you plan on staying there in a hotel. You can even rent condo-style and self-contained properties where you can enjoy a full kitchen, balcony, fireplace and washer and dryer.

However, consider renting a charming Canmore cabin, chalet or a room at a bed and breakfast to get a more rustic and mountain-esque experience!

3. Jasper

Less than four hours from Edmonton, Jasper is one of Canada’s oldest and largest national parks. It is a quiet and breathtaking location you should definitely consider for a Rocky Mountain weekend getaway.

The area features the famous Jasper SkyTram, which will take you 2,263 meters up the Whistler Mountains where you can experience a stunning view of the mountain ranges and, on a clear day, you can even see mountains in British Columbia!

If you are an ardent adventurer, or just like to get your blood pumping, you can check out Jasper’s climbing or canyoning opportunities. Or, if you are looking for something a bit more lowkey, don’t forget to plan a hike or two!

Where to Stay in Jasper:

The town of Jasper has a small-town vibe and pleasant atmosphere – but because it doesn’t have the feel of a “tourist destination”, it can be difficult to find accommodations within the town limits.

Luckily, there are many great campgrounds, cabins and lodges surrounding the Jasper National Park that you can take advantage of reset and recharge!

Safe Travels This Summer!

While traveling this summer, ensure that you and your family stay safe and healthy by following Public Health’s restrictions and protocols regarding COVID-19.

Call ahead to locations you wish to visit to find out what their specific rules are and also remember to pack masks and sanitizer to use during your journeys. If traveling by car, be mindful of how many stops you are making to limit potential exposure.

Summertime is the perfect time to get out of the house, get some physical exercise and invigorate your mental health with some fresh air.

Happy travels!

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