JLS Photography via Flickr

JLS Photography via Flickr

Even as a small child I remember the angst I felt when my family planned a road trip. I was both excited and filled with dread as I knew I would get car sick.

I could never read in a car, could not really enjoy or look out the window at the scenery as the heavy, nausea laced headache would set in, damping a my natural child’s energy and joy into a queasy, restless stupor.

Parents, please recognize your little one’s car, air, sea and motion sickness. Don’t be one of those clueless parents who seem to have no idea that your kid is feeling bad or dealing with painful plugged ears and does not recognize or know how to express it to you since they are so young.

How to Avoid Sick Trips

1. Make sure your child is well hydrated and fully rested PRIOR to the trip

2. Update your child’s eye exam as even mild vision issues add to the strain

3. Have sea bands or other pressure bands on your kiddos’ wrists at least 30 minutes before departure

4. Give out ginger gum, cookies, candies and brew honey sweetened ginger tea in the thermos for them to sip on

5. Break up trips for breathers and stretches outside of the moving vehicle

6. Teach your child about looking out at a fixed point far off in the horizon

7. If old enough, get the medication patches for them and apply them correctly

8. Carry barf bags and wet wipes- so if the inevitable occurs it will be contained

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