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You used to be able to hit the pillow fast asleep.

Not anymore. Now you lay awake tossing and turning in bed for hours on end.

When you finally drift to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, you have to get up shortly after to get on with your day. You are consuming an insane amount of coffee to get through your day. The sleep deprivation is making you grouchy and irritable.

You need to get some good quality sleep fast!

Dear insomniac,
Your Complete Guide to Better Sleep is just what the doctor ordered to get you from your current sleep deprived state to waking up rested and refreshed.

Your Complete Guide to Better Sleep consists of;

1. The Better Sleep Guide audio recording; which provides you battle-tested tips and tricks to hit the pillow fast asleep.

2. The Medical Conditions Disturbing Sleep report; which goes over the some rather common medical conditions (you probably have one of them) that can rob you of quality sleep and the easy ways to reverse their sleep-depriving effects.

A bonus for you

A handy one-page checklist going over the available sleep medications (over-the-counter, herbals and prescription)

The checklist goes over the potency and the side effects of each sleep medication option.


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Who are the doctors behind Your Complete Guide to Better Sleep?

We are both board-certified family doctors and between us, we have more than 25 years of working experience in the trenches with our patients, advocating for them and motivating them to make healthier choices and celebrating their milestones and wins on the road to better health.

Here’s what Lauren (a member of the Healthgist community) had to say about us

If I had never visited the site, and spoken with someone who cared enough to answer my questions, I don’t know if I ever would have gotten a proper diagnosis. I love the site.


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