holiday-feastIt’s a fact that most Americans gain weight over the holidays seasons- anywhere between 6-10

All from hanging out with friends and family and sharing good meals!

SO I call this the Fattening Season and I usually steer my patients who are trying to loose weight instead to focus
on simply NOT gaining. As NOT gaining during this 3 months from Halloween to New Year’s.

Sticklers would even consider the wining and dining and chocolate eating of Valentines to be a
derailer of good intentioned New Year’s resolutions.

Here are some strategies on how NOT to become lulled into a semi-conscious fattening season

1. Be mindful and aware of the little extra morsels that are strewn all over the office or retail
homes starting early October. Those 25-50 calories per bite can quickly build up to a
pound of fat a week!

2. Don’t take vacations and holidays from your work out routine just because of travel
or holiday preparations

3. Turn down some events simply to ensure you still get good sleep and protect your
exercise time

4. Try the lighter and healthier recipes first and try to keep portions of the heavier or denser
foods to small morsels

5. Watch the liquid calories of all the egg nog, Irish coffees and warm toddies that are
free flowing

If we focus more on the meaning of the season itself and enjoy one another more then the food
and drink will be less likely to become over indulgences and the gift that keeps on giving you
grief and future health issues.

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Dr. Carol- doctor, wife, mom and maker PB&J!
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