Perhaps in all fairness, I shouldn’t dub this specific family for the next set of common minor female health maladies, but since this family of matriarchs is one of the most highly recognizable, visible, presumably wealthy and famous reality families on TV (so I’m told, since I don’t have TV) I figure they can take it.

After a decades long trend of seeing more and more women “Ahem” of mainstream society donning barely there stringed “underwear” and spending small fortunes on keeping their mons bare with shaving, waxing and depilatory usage, I can assertively say that in my practice; which is heavily focused on women’s health issues, that I see more and more patients with vaginal and bladder infections and feminine area skin conditions.

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There are no serious “scientific studies” to quote here, but most physicians who practice a lot of women’s health will attest that there is a link with higher shaving related bikini area infections/irritations (like yeast) and more e.coli (butt bacteria) UTIs (urinary tract or bladder infections).

The tight, non breathable clothing materials, marketing of highly perfumed and unnecessary feminine products, glorification ofshaving hot tubing and sex, sex, sex probably doesn’t help things on this health topic either.

In most cases, it is not medically necessary or healthy to be bald in the vaginal area. Landing strips and designs of course may have visual appeal to some, but of course no surprise here…may actually be detrimental to your feminine health.

So, if you have more issues with infections from yeast, bacterial vaginosis (BV), bladder infections or having to deal with shave bumps or wax burns, (after getting a full exam and testing) consider regrowing that protective thatch of bikini area pubic hair and reversing the “Kardashian Effect”.

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  • I really like this article & would happily have this effect reversed. Why is being brought back to looking like a child glorified and sexually attractive?!? Pubic hair is a sign that a female is no longer a child and that she is therefore able to be sexually active- it’s meant to be a turn on!

    • Thanks for writing in Phyllis. Someone has to let the emperor know that he has no clothes on.

      Just love “pubic hair is a sign that a female is no longer a child and that she is therefor able to be sexually active- it’s meant to be a turn on”


    • I had this discussion with my husband. It really does weird me out because I have a daughter (we’re a blended family) who is 8.5 and I can’t help thinking that he wants mine to look like hers. Ew. Anyhow, I’m open to a “compromise.” Sigh, the problems we have in society these days! Meanwhile men can have beer guts and kudzu growing down there and there are no objections or self monitoring going on toward themselves. I just say- it’s your body- do as YOU will. =)

      • Meredith,
        May I just add a line to your brilliant conclusion- “it’s your body, do as you will”?
        Here is it- be okay with the consequences of your choice.

        In this case more vaginal discharge and all that goes with it.

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