Flickr via Zubrow

Flickr via Zubrow

On a near daily basis, an overextended, overworked, overwhelmed young mom  or career woman will come in with complaints of poor sleep, fatigue, headache and digestion issues.

These symptoms often lead to mood issues if not addressed.  Sound familiar?

I’ve been there during my medical residency years and after the birth of my twins as well.

Thankfully, most moms and women in this state have otherwise normal exams and testing and can be reassured that with rest and creating a more balanced lifestyle, the symptoms (as long as they are mild) will get better.

However, the treatment for the “overs” can be hard for some women.  The RX is to say  “No, thank you”, “maybe next time”, or “I will think about it” to all the unimportant requests and minor responsibilities that come up.

The more regular you are with the treatment, the better it works to create more time for taking care of you.

This is the simple but often unused antidote to an overscheduled, overbooked life of the “overs”. Getting the RX and permission to say the most powerful word “NO”.

On occasion those feelings of overwhelm and despair might actually point to something deeper like clinical depression.

If you think you might be depressed the “Am I Depressed” quiz will answer that question for you quickly.

The “Am I Depressed” quiz will do the following for you;
1. Let’s you know if you are depressed (or not).
2. Rate the severity of the depression.
3. Direct you on the next steps to take for quick recovery so you can feel like “you” again.

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