Could This be the Solution to Your Weight Struggles?

Well, dig in and let’s find out.

It all started with one simple question-

“If you had to choose between moving more and eating less to achieve your ideal body weight, which one would you choose?”

We asked our respective patients and compared notes; despite being in different states the answers we got from them were identical. Hmmm….

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So we posed the question on Facebook and it felt like someone had been eavesdropping on our conversations because our Facebook peeps gave us the same response as our patients.

The preferred weight management option became pretty clear but could it just be that the folks we asked were already connected to us in some way and total strangers would hold a different opinion?

So we did and you guessed it- the answer to the move more vs eat less conundrum was the same.

Then it dawned on us. We (society, medical community and media) have been going about this weight thing the wrong way the whole time!

Going against our natural tendencies is just hard to sustain long term. No wonder we are all battling the bulge!

Let’s Have Some Fun Here;

Ask yourself and the folks around you what they would rather do; eat less or move more.

See you on December 26, 2014 where we would share what we found so you can compare notes.

We will also be unveiling something special; crafted for you.

This “something special” has the potential to make 2015 your best year yet!

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Happy Holidays and talk to you soon,

Dr. Bola & Dr. Carol

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