The Work-From-Home Woman Wellbeing Index

working on a laptopWorking from home gives you the control, the freedom and the flexibility that allows your work to fit in with your life instead of the other way round.

But there’s a dark side to working from home.

This quiz will let you know if you are doing fine or if you are at risk of a physical or mental burnout.

Get your Work-From-Home Woman Wellbeing Index by taking the quiz below.


In the past 2 weeks, have you felt sad or hopeless on most days?

In the past 2 weeks, have you lost interest or pleasure in doing things you previously enjoyed?

In the past 2 weeks have you been irritable and short with the people around you?

In the last 2 weeks, were you able to exercise 3 times or more each week?

Have you gained 15 or more pounds in the last 20 months (while not pregnant)?

Do you have and maintain regular work hours?

Do you feel relatively caught up with your work at the end of your work day?

Do you feel like you work all the time?

In the past 2 weeks, have you been falling asleep agonizing about all the work you need to catch up on?

In the past 2 weeks, do you feel weak or overwhelmed thinking of all the work you need to get done?

Do you have a dedicated work space or home office?

In the last 2 weeks, how mant times have you had to hunt down a document or tool you use for your work because you misplaced it?

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