nasalI didn’t mean to shock you there but as an eternal optimist, I look for the good in everything (almost).

Cocaine is not good for anything besides robbing folks of their minds and money but people who snort the poison sure have mastered the correct technique of using a nasal spray.

My hubby suffers from seasonal allergies. I watched him use his prescription nose spray the other day and had the pleasure of telling him that he needed to repeat the ordeal because the medication was going to be swallowed instead of making it into the sinuses.

If you need to administer a saline rinse to the nose or a prescription nose spray, here are the 3 steps , already perfected by cocaine users that would get your spray to the right place.

1. Look down to the floor.

2. Put the nozzle in one nostril while you have a finger occluding the other nostril.

3. Squirt the spray and sniff it up quickly

Bonus point:

4. Repeat the process for the other nostril.


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  • Thank you Doctor!

    I was also told that the nozzle should point toward the outer corner of the eye, not inward toward the more obvious area (that big hole inside your head). Reason? Because you’re more prone to choking from it going right down your throat. I may or may not have heard that from a cocaine addict.

    • Cristina,

      You are right about pointing the nozzle of the nose spray outwards. The inner area of the nostril is where the blood vessels are and going up against them could cause nose bleeds. A cocaine addict probably figured that out too (laugh).

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