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My mom’s health pearls told to me over the years are somewhat based on cultural superstition and what she had had passed down to her during her lifetime.

Though her mother (my maternal grandmother) died from dysentery while my mom was still an infant, my mother still got unusual health advice ‘practiced’ on her and  taught to her.

Remember, we are talking 1940-50’s third world country at the time now.

The TOP 5 (in no particular order)

1.   Eat lots of kimchee- it kills all the bad things in your stomach  (this is considered healthy fermented cuisine)

2.  Bring a high fever down by pricking the fingertips (bloodletting!)

3.  Shove the spoon in the mouth during seizures-it keeps the child from biting off his

      tongue (uhm- NO)

4.  Boys need to eat more, girls should eat less (not necessarily)

5.  Hot Seaweed or kelp soup after labor is good for the mom  (true)

Do you have fond memories of smart (or otherwise ridiculous) health tips your mom passed on to you?

We would love to hear them.

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