There are really only 2 things that worry me about the state of medicine-

1. shortage of physicians (especially in primary care)

2. Antibiotic crisis

The numbers are clear- We have known for at least 15 years that the ongoing shortage of physicians in primary care cannot be sustained longer, especially with even more Americans covered than ever before.

You may already be feeling this in rising prices, longer wait time for every type of appointment and efforts to move more of your questions and concerns to non-office messaging (like telephone, video and online encounters)

This is slated to get worse as the number of broadly trained primary physicians start to refer more things out to sub specialist- that they used to have the time to handle themselves in their offices.

Then referring in turn starts straining the sub speciality doctors etc..this is already happening in many practice and medical systems in the past decades and will get worse-

SO what can YOU do-

1. Take care of yourself

2. Practice PREVENTION efforts

3. Treat your own conditions and monitor your own viral colds and flu’s -you don’t need an office exam or appointment unless the symptoms are ongoing, unusually severe, or you are in a high risk category


5. STOP overeating and eat Healthy and WELL

6. Start Exercising regularly- the bit of exertion at work simply does not count (with a few occupational exceptions)

7. Protect and nurture a restorative Sleep environment

8. Look out for your friends, family and neighbors

9. Share truth and factual health knowledge- not online or word of mouth “fake medical news or information”

10. Decrease your anxiety and stress in healthful and useful ways

The above (plus you can add your own personalized efforts) can help you remain healthy and avoid needing to wait to sick care.

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