Happy couple sleeping together in bed at home in the bedroomHave you ever gone without a full night’s sleep for days on end? You get irritable and cranky. Caffeine helps you for just a bit before your house of cards come crashing down.

That’s what sharing a bed with a snorer can do to you. I once shared a hotel room with a colleague while attending a conference.

We were both still trainees and needed to stretch out the greenback as far as we could so we got a hotel room with 2 queen beds.

She snored so loud that I got little sleep. The only option I had was to skip the conference so I could catch up with sleep during the day. What a waste!

Regarding the snoring sharing your bed, thankfully you are not without options.

You could do one of these:

1. Pick up your pillow and move to the couch or the spare bedroom. Poor choice for intimacy though.

2. Kick your partner out of the bed. Again, not a good option for intimacy.

3. Keep up the thankless job of the midnight elbow nudges with the pleas to “turn over”.

4. Have your partner get a sleep study to check for sleep apnea. Good choice, your sleep could depend on it.

Snoring alone does not signify sleep apnea. Folks with sleep apnea have several episodes of apnea (cessation of breathing) during sleep. The brain then compensates for this precarious situation by keeping sleep in shallow phase for easy arousal.

Curious about other conditions getting in the way of a full night’s sleep? Look in HERE.

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