Brain strokeEverything (well almost everything) gets worse as you get older . The chances of suffering a stroke increases the older you are. If you happen to be younger than 50, don’t sit tight yet –strokes can happen at any age, even in babies.

A stroke is to the brain what heart attack is to the heart. The medical community toyed with using the term “brain attack” when referencing strokes but the term never quite took off.

So what happens in the brain when someone suffers a stroke?

The brain needs oxygen like a drug addict would need his or her fix. The blood is the transporter of this precious commodity known as oxygen.

If a part of the brain does not get blood flowing in because of a clot blocking the way or a blowout of a blood vessel like in a ruptured aneurysm, that part of the brain dies off within minutes.

That occurrence is a stroke in a nutshell.

The physical manifestation of a stroke depends on what the affected part of the brain does. Movement, speech and even mood and temperament can be affected by a stroke.

What can you do to reduce your chances of suffering a stroke? Glad you asked. You will find that in this article.

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