Torbein Rønning via Flickr

Torbein Rønning via Flickr

I have been an AAA (American Automobile Association) member for over 12 years. They have come through for me for flat tires and the many times I locked myself out of my car.

I have rarely needed them in the last few years though but kept paying my membership dues just in case.

The AAA I will be showcasing today is not known for helping damsels in distress, far from it. This AAA is one you should be mindful of and protect yourself against.

Anger, Alcohol, Ammunition

The trifecta of anger, alcohol and ammunition could be deadly when mixed together. Anger fuels the intent. Alcohol disables the inhibitions and the ability to reason rationally. Ammunition in the form of  any weapon ; guns, knives or even poison could very well bring the intent to fruition.

If your partner exhibits the AAA combo, you need to protect yourself and your kids(if you have any). Hold out till he seeks help for what plagues him.

Here is a nifty list of treatment options for you both:

1. Anger management classes for him

2. Substance Abuse Programs such as Alcohol Anonymous for him

3. Lock up firearms at the very least or get rid of them.

4. Sleep with one eye open- no seriously.

5. Run away from home and seek refuge with trusted friends or a battered woman’s shelter.


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