aphotoshooter via Flickr

aphotoshooter via Flickr

In case you somehow missed it- we are in a new year. A new year is always that chance to flip the calendar over and start afresh with optimism and vigor.

Here at Healthgist, this new year is starting off with a reflection of the year prior. I heard a smart person say this; before you change lanes, check your rear view mirrors and take a quick glance around you.

In 2015 we published 52 articles, an article a week. We somehow managed to stay consistent and committed to you through the disruptions in our lives- moving across states and the daily grind of working and being there for our families.

In preparing for the new year, we combed through the archives to see what resonated with you the most so we can give you more of what you want. A clear pattern emerged and we are offering this paid workshop to address your concerns and questions.

Below are 5 of the post popular articles of 2015.

1. Why am I always wet down there?

2. Am I too loud down there?

3. The Kardashian effect

4. Your options for getting rid of those annoying chin hairs

5. How to tell if that discharge is an STI (sexually transmitted infection)

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