About Us

Do you feel relegated to nothing more than fluctuating hormones?

Are you tired of being chased around with supplements or oils presented as “the cure-all” for what ails you?

Do you crave an empathetic voice of reason who presents medical information that is backed by evidence and sound judgment?

You are in good company.

We walk in your shoes enough to know that you want to live your best life and you want relatable (and reliable) health tips that fit in well with your busy life.

That’s what Healthgist is about.

Our Founders:

Dr. Carol

Dr. Carol

We met several years ago at work and quickly became tight friends. We have 4 very active kids between us (not counting our husbands) and we know a thing or two about trying to achieve the elusive work-life balance!

Being female board certified family doctors, we see more women in our medical practice and just have a heart for our gender and our generation (generation X).


Our efforts now is to reach beyond the constraints of the office setting and appointment time slots to meet with all interested women just like you- busy, nurturing women who have ever felt like their medical encounter missed the mark and did not go beyond “the pill for every ill approach.”

Dr. Bola

Dr. Bola

Consider Healthgist – where we come into your inbox every week, discussing answers to health questions and medical topics applicable to all women.

Healthgist will provide you the know-how to effectively improve your health and to excel at fulfilling your multiple roles of caregiver-in-chief.


Bola & CarolDr. Bola & Dr. Carol

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