Guests Posts & Writing for Health Gist

Healthgist was founded by 2 doctors Dr. Bola & Dr. Carol in 2012, and over the past several years has gone on to become a popular destination for women’s health topics and featured on prominent sites such as,,,,,,, & many more!

If you’re interested in featuring your written work on our site, keep reading!

An Overview: Writing for Health Gist

If you’re thinking about writing for Health Gist, your main objective should be to provide interesting, beneficial and detailed posts that education our audience and tell them something important about women’s health and well being.

Depending on your writing credentials, we may also accept topics that are related to general health / wellness.

Want to get published? Get this right:

If you are serious about getting published, make sure the following are present in your written work:

  • Your writing should fundamentally be about women’s health and wellness
  • Your writing must be unique & original, and should not appear elsewhere.
  • We do not accept advertorial posts. That said, you are free to reference 3rd party websites that validate or support your writing
  • Shoot for a minimum of 750 words, and include images, rich media, or other ways to make your content more compelling

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