There are some taboo health topics that women, even in this day and age of openness and sharing, do not discuss with their closest friends.

One of such topic seems to be vaginal moisture and odors.

Just so you know, the Wet “Down There” Treatment Plan will tell you the cause of your vaginal wetness and provide you a personalized treatment plan for getting rid of it.

Thus, we female physicians seem to shyly get asked this question and find an opportunity to educate and reassure our female patients on this matter.

How much moisture does a normal vagina produce and what does a normal vagina smell like?

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While you should get a full exam, including a pelvic exam with vaginal cultures to make sure you are not having symptoms of an infection; the truth of the matter is that most women, at different stages and decades of their lives will go through changes in vaginal moisture and odors (read theScoop on Vaginal Wetness & Moisturefor more detailed information).

Many healthy, reproductive aged women can expect to be damp during their regular days and this moisture can be even more potent and copious during ovulation.

Many women feel that they can “smell” themselves, often describing smells of metal or fishiness, “like pennies and oysters? but in the absence of rash, irritation, skin lesions or thick infectious and inflammatory discharge, this wetness and odor can be healthy and normal.  We refer to it as a “normal physiologic discharge”.

There can be anxiety about others sitting or standing too close by and being able to sense or smell this odor. Banish those fears. Those people would need to literarily have their noses in your crouch to pick up the scent.

So if after a thorough normal exam and normal test results, you can be rest assured (though you may need repeat testing depending on your risk factors) that you are simply most likely a healthy and virile wet woman.

While most cases of vaginal wetness are normal and cyclical depending on the menstrual cycle, there are abnormal reasons for vaginal wetness or discharges.

The color and the odor of the discharge could clue you in and guide you on when to seek out treatment.

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So what can the color or odor of your vaginal discharge tell you?

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      • Hey i have this smell in my vigins like a fishy smell and i would clean myself good and the smell would still be there i dont know what to do

          • My panties are so wet all the time I have to wear a pad even at night , panty liners are just not big enough that I have to wear night time pads 24/7 it’s as if I’m constantly leaking urine the whole time, I feel I have to keep myself extra clean, I am admitted to hospital nearly every 2 months as the urine leakage makes me really ill to the extent I just pass out but no doctor seems to know the cause, the only suggestion they all coming up with is because my immune system is so low, I am desperate for an answer as this is really dragging me down wether I’m sitting standing or laying down it’s that constant I now don’t know what it feels like to be normal and not knowing going without a pad the freedom must be heaven

      • I feel cramping in the usual spot you get cramps at & sometimes my area will get super wet . I’m kinda scared . ??

    • Bongy,

      Thanks for your comment on I saw you comment and wanted to respond to it. My recommendation would be to get a vaginal exam from a doctor so that they can take a culture for lab testing to make sure that your wetness/discharge is not from an infection.

      If you get that done and an infection is found, your doctor would likely treat with an antibiotic. Hormonal changes in the female body causes us to be wetter at different times in the menstrual cycle.

      If you want to learn more about this topic, I suggest you sign up for Healthgist at

      Since a lot of folks have questions on vaginal discharge, we plan to host a deep dive telesiminar on the topic in the first quarter of 2015.

      Feel free to ask me (or Dr. Carol) any health related questions you might have.

      Thanks again,

      Dr. Bola

  • I have this problem too! I don’t know if it’s normal to get this wet down there? Sometimes I’ll come back home in the evening and find my panties soaked, for no reason? I’m not aroused or anything, I just don’t understand. And when I’m with my boyfriend, I’ll get extremely wet, even when we’re not doing anything sexual, even if we’re just cuddling. I’m really confused by this. Sometimes when we are together and are doing sexual things, I get really turned on at the start and get really wet, but then after a while I’m not aroused at all but I’m still getting so soaked down there. It’s a little embarrassing to be honest. I feel that the fact that I get so wet so fast and continously is the reason I’ve never had an orgasm. But I’m not sure if that’s why. I’ve never told anyone about it before.

    • Emma,

      Many ladies have the vaginal wetness issue. Like Dr. Carol talked about in the article, the menstrual cycle plays a big role here. Estrogen causes a lot of vaginal mositure and that’s why menopausal women with low supply of estrogen have the opposite problem of being too dry down there”.

      There are times when vaginal wetness could be a sign of a real problem that should be treated. This free report goes into the details;

  • Hi i have a questions I has the urine infection for about 3 weeks but why do I feel wet down there I went to the doctor they gave me antibiotics I’m finished with the medication know it’s being 1 week that I fell better but I feel wet down there and sometimes it’s posing my vaginal is normal or I need to wait for a few days to go away ……thank you

    • Thanks for your question Christina. without physically examinining you I cannot tell you with a 100% certainty if the discharge you are experiencing is normal or not. What I can tell you is that the fact that you have been on antibiotics increases your risk of having a yeast infection down there. Vaginal yeast infection presents with white-yellow cheesy or thick vaginal discharge with a lot of itching and irritation.

      You might also want to check out The Scoop on Vaginal Discharge report for a more indepth answer to your question.

  • Dr Bola,

    I am always wet, to the extent that my panties liner get wet and socks my panties without getting aroused.

    The other day when I was having sex, I was afraid the condom broke not knowing that it was my wetness that got into the bed. I felt so embarrassed when my boyfriend pointed that out.

    What should I do? This heavy wetness just started recently because I can remember I wasn’t use to be this wet

  • Now a days I’m getting wet and my monthly menses for this month has also not come. Is this an infection or a sign of pregnancy?
    I am really worried please give me some advice.

    • Chencho,
      Neither vaginal wetness or late period are indicative of an infection. You should get a pregnancy test done to rule out pregnancy and get a pelvic exam done to rule out a vaginal infection.

  • I’ve never had sex and I’m 18. I’m always embarrassed by my scent and my always wetness down there. I don’t understand if it’s normal or not. The smell is kinda strong to me, but I honestly don’t know what it smells like. My underwear are always wet nd smell. Is this a sign of an infection?

    • I cannot be a 100% certain without a pelvic exam but it sounds like you have the normal discharge and not an infection. If you want to be able to tell with some certainty, you should read the Scoop on Vaginal Wetness and Discharges

  • Hi I have vaginal wetness and wat seems to be a strong smell to me. It’s not fishy but it is a smell that I can’t describe at times it’s kind of sourish . Also I have there’s a slight pulse to my clitoris area as if it’s being aroused when it’s not. I don’t have any rashes or anything just a little self conscious about the smell and wat it could be

    • Sounds Ike you have the normal scent all women have down there. If you are in doubt, see your doctor or gynecologist for a pelvic examination.

      You can also sign up at to get our free report on all things vaginal odors and discharge.

  • Hi, I have problem with my vaginal wetness issue. It was really annoying with me everyday morning i get a embarrassed by students. I just wish it was gone already forever! 🙁

  • I have just the every day wetness issue, suddenly started when i was 19 and i am now 33. But from it being constant, i get what i’d consider a diaper rash kinda irritation all the time… Its like living in a damp bathingsuit. IS THERE ANYTHING THAY CAN BE DONE TO STOP IT??? On or off birth control never made a difference, menstral cycle never affected it. i don’t want to just live with this forever.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but it sounds like you are having a lot of dampness in the crotch area, not necessary vaginal discharge? If this is the case, wearing breathable underwear would help- stay away from nylon or Lycra for “down there” and stick with cotton. Shower after exercise and do your best to air out.

  • I also have the same problem I had this every day wetness issue for 2 years now and it’s so bothering me even after taking a shower my pants get wet directly after 10 minutes that’s unbelievably horrible i spend all day changing my pants. I’ve been checked at a doctor which told me i had fungi and he gave me pills for that but it didn’t help i still face this wetness and strange fishy smell. I’m afraid i might have any bacteria in my stomach that might be causing this. any HELP please!

    • You might have bacterial vaginosis. Antibiotics would be needed to treat if that were the case. Make a follow up appointment with your doctor.

  • 31, and just started with the everyday wetness and smell.. I’m even soaking through my blue jeans!! What is going on.. It’s all clear no color discharge it foul and strong smell… I’ve notice that if I bend, sit down or laugh all of a sudden, discharge comes out? Could it be urine?

  • hello , I’m 63 and post-menopausal ; I’ve had a sweaty , BO smelling crotch for the past 3 years ! This is not a matter of not being clean believe me ! I’ve no medical issues , like no discharge or rash of any kind . at night i sometimes wake up and my crotch area and upper inner thighs are soaked ! please let me know if there is anything i can use or take in herbal area . i had all my reproductive organs removed when i was only 24 , so i don’t feel it is a menstral issue ! I have to wear liners all the time .

    • Without a pelvic exam, there is no way to be fully certain of the reason for your wetness “down there”. Get an appointment with your doctor to make that happen.

  • Hello I am 18 and I have always had a lot of daily wetness down there and there has always been a distinctive/ not pleasant smell of my vagina. I am embarrassed because whenever I am intimate with a man I am already wet before my pants are even off. During sex it feels like Niagara falls down there. Its honestly embarrassing. The smell is what has me most concerned. I can’t explain the smell but it is not good and it is very strong to me. I don’t know if others can smell it and I don’t know if it is normal or an issue. Do you have any suggestions to decrease wetness anf lessen this odor? PLEASE HELP!

  • 28 just started getting really wet down there 2 weeks ago i clean myself very well ion smell but the thick white discharge is my problem these days what should i do ?

  • Hello! I am a 15 year old who has been experiencing major amounts of dampness over the last year or two. I do not have a gynecologist and am very uncomfortable mentioning it to an adult of any sort. I find myself damp very shortly after starting the day, my cotton underwear soon to be literally soaked through my pants (jeans or leggings) and actually showing on my school chairs. I feel that this is unrelated to arousal or menstruation (I experience a heavy flow but not the same sort of dampness. Even near the last day I never experience the same level as pre/post menstruation.) but that this may have something to do with my bladder/kidneys. I have a very strong feeling that this may be do to lack of control of urine in some matter, yet i have never actually experienced fully urinating in my pants. I experience discharge and strong odor that I personally pick up on, as well. Please help when you can!

    • Without getting a pelvic exam it’s hard to say the reason for your dampness with certainty. I would recommend getting in to see a family doctor or gynecology.

  • hello im 15… i struggle with the bad odor that i cant actually define. and i have white discharge. like its heavy discharge. my mom thinks its yeast but i have a feeling its more. next time i go in to the docter imma get the pelvic exam. i am a virgin just to make that clear lol. but like do u have anything to help me control the white discharge so its not like a legit coat of white slim. im due for my period soon but ive never had this. usually its black discharge.

    • Your mom is correct that Yeast is likely but until your get a swap taken through a pelvic exam, you can’t be absolutely sure.

  • Hello I’m 29 years old and just had my first baby 16weeks ago and ever since I’m constantly wet down there and have to wear pantyliners, my pelvic floor is good and I did a urine sample at the doctors and it came back clear , I’m on the pill now also… Could it be hormones and will it get better?

  • I’m 19 , recently started to notice that I’ve been getting very wet at times without arousal . Few times I had oders , although I clean myself very well. Also , I feel like i have cramps but I had my period a couple of weeks ago and was late . I also have history with late periods , probably due to my menstrual cycle changing . Please HELP

  • I’m 18 and ever since i have been 15-16 I have had this “wetness ” “dampness ” problem as well. It happens all the time and when I’m with a guy being intament I use to feel like I couldn’t feel it or tell if I was having sex due to the wet .. Is there any bacterial treatment or trick to make it stop. I’m almost certain I have no disease or yeast infection but I guess I’m just tired of this and need to do something .

    • Without a pelvic exam with vaginal swaps taken, there is no way to say for sure. Making an appointment with your doctor to get those done would be the way to go.

  • in my early teens my problem started of being scared that others could feel my foul smell down there. my self esteem went 2 an extreme low. Now am 22 and already have a baby who is almost 1 year.
    I’m still scared of people coz of fearing that I stink down there. but I’ve come to realize it is just normal discharge, because it was like this before when I was a virgin, after I lost my virginity at 19 and after having my baby. but still I tend to stay away from people as much as I can

  • I am always wet down there and it bothers me because when I want to be intimate with my husband I feel real open and its uncomfortable at times, is there an explanation

  • hello
    I dont know why i am always wet down there and the smell is fishy how can i remove it?
    help me

    thank you

  • Hi Im always wet down there and had a bad smell even after I wash the smell is still there,,it makes things very difficult for me cause my boyfriend thinks im sleeping around for being permantly wet,,I really need help!!

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