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I am not sure exactly how I found Healthgist, I am only glad that I did. I am also in the healthcare field – complementary care (alternative if preferred).

I like the articles that are posted and the opportunity to join to get more info on health. Keeping healthy is a passion of mine and trying to also help others with their health. Health is a gift that shouldn’t be abused or neglected. Cheryl Sandiford

You Should Join Healthgist if Any One of These Statements Applies to You

1. You are a woman.

2. You appreciate the value that good health brings.

3. You would enjoy receiving actionable health & lifestyle tips (with some added spice) from female healthcare professionals.

If yes, don’t hesitate at all, join us below.


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I have known Bola for several years now. She is a wonderful friend and colleague. I was excited to learn about this new site as I felt confident that anything Bola’s name was attached to…would inevitably be a success.

The site is easy to use and the articles are always helpful. I have come to the site in order to search for medical input several times. Bola cuts to the chase and writes articles “for the readers” (i.e. in terms they can understand).

I enjoy this site and appreciate the time Bola and her partner invest, helping others! Shara of

Here’s What We Have for You

Once you join us on Healthgist and confirm your subscription, you will receive 2 concise reports that answer the burning health questions women ask us daily.

  • 10 Health Issues Every Woman Over 30 Will Confront
  • 5 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Her Mom



 Curious About the Name & Tagline?

In the medical world’s lingo, the phrase “clinical PEARL” is used on a regular basis by doctors to highlight the key point(s) or the most important concept(s) of a medical health topic.

There is so much volume of data to review, memorize and actually apply in patient care that sometimes learning the “pearls” is the only recourse. The only “take away” if you will, that will actually serve you, the patient well.

This is the same type of relevant and actionable health information we strive to convey and write about- the valuable health pearls which can transform thinking and physical wellbeing.

To summarize neatly the ‘gist’ or core message about important but sometimes mundane, dense clinical data and medical research.

This is our purpose and passion at Healthgist- personalizing that encyclopedic medical information to empower busy women and their families to attain their best health possible.

You can read our story HERE.


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