Kamilla Oliveira Via Flickr

Kamilla Oliveira Via Flickr

Our Healthgist query to find women who live with a chronic disease(s) both surprises and inspires.

Surprising, as there are thousands of unseen chronic illnesses that don’t have obvious physical disfigurement or signs that show outwardly.

And inspiring, as thousands of women have turned their potentially disabling disease state into a positive force and energy for themselves and others.

We received stories from all over the nation and also from Canada and New Zealand (the power of connectivity).

Women from all backgrounds and walks of life shared their stories of the dreaded diagnosis, the detailed struggles and eventual triumph of turning things for the good.

The following women’s’ stories are being featured for the echoing shared themes through their journeys and for the simple fact that they are all the most inspiring Healthgist gals.

Meet our heroines:

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  • I too suffer with a couple of different ones as well and its nice to be able to hear other peoples stories, knowing I’m not the only one.

  • I suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis. It truly something that if you don’t suffer from it, you probably don’t understand. There are days I can’t do much or if I do too much one day the next day I am paying for it. I have learned to do my best and accept it when I can’t do something but most of all listen to my body.

    • You could not have said it better Christina- listening to your body is so crucial when living with a chronic, incurable condition.

    • Laura,
      The default when you receive a life-altering diagnosis like Lupus is to slip into despair but you have chosen to say “I have Lupus, it does not have me”.
      Way to go!

  • This is great! I have a good friend with Lupus, among a few others, & I always see her struggle when people think that she’s “not that sick”.

    • Melissa,
      I bet your friend really appreciates the empathy she gets from you.

      It should hopefully make up for the lack of understanding (or compassion) directed her way.

  • Thank you for sharing I have a family member with Lupus and never realized the struggle she faces.

    • Geanine,
      You could not have known. Lupus tends to quietly wreck havoc on the internal organs- particularly the kidneys.

      Other than stiffness in the joints especially in the mornings, it’s hard to see the suffering brought on by lupus.

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