Jennifer Via Flickr

Jennifer Via Flickr

All these remarkable women will tell you that they started their journeys with relatively blissful healthy lives until their individual chronic conditions were diagnosed.

They all spent a period of time in denial and anger which manifested in noncompliance and nonadherence to medical therapy, which is often less than ideal and minimally effective.

The early months and years of diagnoses were more stressful and unpredictable with ER, hospital admissions and urgent doctors visits.

However, once these ladies started accepting their diagnosis and made the decision to get in the driver seat and manage the chronic condition, their life courses turned dramatically.

Lora, who deals with rheumatoid arthritis describes how after a few years of feeling lost and scared, she “..awoke one day and made the decision that this disease would not defeat me or dictate my life.”

This mental decision, whether abrupt or gradual, whether declared after a few months or a few years after diagnosis – they all faced it.  This pivotal declaration that their diseases did not run them or define them became the moment where strength and good became products too not just pain and fatigue.

Shanelle, Jennifer, and Lora all feel that their chronic conditions have made them truer, stronger, braver and more grateful individuals. They all tout common themes of advice that comes from first hand knowledge and experience.

1.  Care for yourself first- which includes understanding your body, your condition, being kind and taking the time to exercise, eat right and feed the soul and mind

2.  Fostering a supportive team– spending time with loved ones and nurturing positive relationships, being an active and responsible patient and using the word “No”

3. Live and express gratitude– whatever the outlet or method may be…create, share and inspire

Our ladies all live based on these sound truths and have turned disabling incurable medical  conditions into pivot points for driving their personal lives and careers. They have and are creating positive and enduring legacy work. All this good comes from the pain and struggles because these brave women decide consciously and with purpose that they are stronger than their individual health issues.

We will continue to look forward to seeing what these wonderful women accomplish and wish them all blessed. long and gratitude filled lives.

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