Lora Kaasch Public Speaker for Rheumatoid Arthritis iPadLora Tucker Kaasch

37, Married

Author, Speaker, Founder of Hopecourageinspiration.com

Has Rheumatoid Arthritis

Lora manages her RA, rheumatoid arthritis condition as she lives her life with a strong faith. This autoimmune, inflammatory disease causes chronic fatigue and joint pains.

Over the years it can cause significant disfigurement of the hands and other joints and like the other chronic conditions, make Lora more prone to acute infections like influenza and pneumonia.

Despite this incurable condition, Lora mitigates her symptoms and manages far better than most due to her overall optimism and positive outlook. This key characteristic and attitude, that can’t be prescribed, is perhaps more important than the steroids and immune modulators.

This condition helps form and bring to the surface the core values which Lora lives by now. She writes, speaks and shares hope, courage and inspiration with others through her various venues and engagements.

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