Jennifer Davagian Ensign Headshot (Teal) Davagian Ensign

44, Married

Entrepreneur and Inventor of Sephure

Jennifer lives with a form of inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, that can debilitate and cause malnutrition over time.

There is no known cure for this condition. Available treatment regimens that can often involve strong steroids and other immune modulating medications to control flares and symptoms. Often rectal suppositories and enemas for several times a day are prescribed which can be very disruptive and difficult to administer.

Despite her diagnosis, Jennifer manages to raise kids and run a successful business. However, Jennifer lands in the hospital twice due to Crohn’s flares in the early years as her medication regimen was nearly impossible to adhere to.

The traumatic events brought up the question of what good is therapy if it can’t be delivered correctly or used regularly? After some time struggling with trying to use her suppository medication she realizes that the delivery method has to change for the treatment to be viable.

She takes a rudimentary problem and invents a new way of administering the RX that revolutionizes and improves the adherence rate. This translates into better treatment and overall improves disease management.

Jennifer turns her nearly impossible to perform medical treatment into an ingenious suppository delivery device that completely simplifies the time consuming treatment and has and continues to help hundreds of people in a very powerful way-helping not only to inspire but to save lives.

She humbly states that in a way she was “born to do this”.

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