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The word on the street is that autism affects 1 in every 68 kids in America. A few years ago, the number was pegged at 1 in every 150 kids. What in this world caused the monumental jump?

My guess is that the increase was likely a result of vigilance on the part of parents and doctors. We are all more aware of autism so it stands to reason that cases of autism would be picked up more.

We know enough about autism now to know that the wiring of the brain is different in this disorder. The brain wiring process starts really early, between weeks 4-6 of pregnancy – when most women don’t even know they are pregnant yet!

One tiny vitamin has been shown to reduce the chances of autism in a child. The intake of this vitamin has to be around the time of the brain wiring phase. This vitamin is available over the counter and is present in all prenatal vitamins. Yes I’m talking about folic acid.

4-8 mg of folic acid daily starting within a few weeks of getting pregnant or better yet, BEFORE you get pregnant has been shown to reduce the chance of your child developing autism. You might as well keep taking folic acid till you know for sure that you are done with having babies.

Please pass this information on to any woman who is looking to conceive.

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  • Thanks for this vital info. We work with the poor, therefore, women with serious malnutrition so it stands to reason that their unborn babies are at risk at all times. This will at least eliminate one major impediment for their unborn.

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