Kate Raynes-Goldie Via Flickr

Kate Raynes-Goldie Via Flickr

With a practice mostly comprised of females, I come across a fairly regular caseload where I am called to do pelvic exams and retrieve a foreign object from within the vaginal canal.

I put my gloves on and take on the role of a bounty hunter hunting down the fugitive left back “down there”.

Talk about some embarrassing patient-doctor encounters!

Use the following to avoid this stinky and pesky pitfall.

1. Retained tampon- most women simply forget to remove as recommended every 4 hours. Alcohol is usually involved or unplanned sex.

Avoid this by:
-Keeping a log of insertion/removal of tampon.
-Don’t use if planning to drink or have sex.

2. Retained or lost genital piercing Yep! Have had to root around for that partner’s tongue piercing or patient’s vaginal one in the birth canal.

Avoid this by:
-Removing all piercings near openings prior to sex.
-Rethink the locations of piercings.

3. Forgotten IUD (intrauterine device). Sometimes women forget  to change them out.  Most IUDs have a change out recommendation of 5-10 years.

Avoid this by:
-Getting routine PAP and pelvic checks- the longest PAP recommendation is every 5 years now for low risk women and this type of exam will cover contraception surveillance.


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