First aid kit for travel

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You survived airport security and finally arrived at your vacation destination in one piece along with the booster seats and piles of luggage.

You check into the hotel looking forward to some downtime with your family.

Instead you find yourself sleep deprived searching online for the closest urgent care or looking for a close by 24 hour pharmacy because your little one who was fine all of a sudden develops this cough that wouldn’t stop.

Am I the only one this kind of stuff happens to while on vacation? I doubt that. After a few of such misadventures, I put together a travel health pack that I toss into the suitcase for trips out of town with the kids.

All you need for your travel health pack is a quart-sized Ziploc bag. Here are the essentials:

1. Medications you or any family members use daily (depending on health conditions); seizure medications, diabetic medications and such like.

2. Medications you have had to buy in the past while on the road. For me those would be cough medications and inhalers for my kids.

3. Something for pain or fever; Tylenol or Advil would do. I always put some plastic over the open bottle before screwing the cap of liquid medications on to limit the chances of a spill.

4. Something for gas or heartburn; Tums or Zantac especially if you happen to be adventurous with cuisines.

5. Something for diarrhea; Imodium is a lifesaver!

6. Stuff for allergies and rash; Benadryl, Neosporin, hydrocortisone cream

7. Band-aids.  Take plenty of band-aids.

Bon Voyage!

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