photodune-3922971-wound-sealed-with-plaster-xsWhen I have to remove a mole from a visible part of the body like say the face, I make my cut within the natural crease line as much as possible and use the smallest sutures that could hold the skin edges together. I go through all the trouble to minimize the eventual scars.

You don’t have such luxuries with the gash that came about from having the car door hit you in the temple. Been there, done that and still have the scar to show for it.

Those kinds of random injuries happen, there’s not much you can do about that but I will give you a few simple tips to heal with little or no scarring.

5 Tips for Minimizing Your Scars

1. The wider the cut, the slower the healing and the higher chance of getting a nasty scar. Sutures have to be used to bring the two skin edges together. Yep, off to the ER or urgent care.

2. Sutures have to be placed within 24 hours of injury, I would even say within 4 hours for optimal healing. If you show up after 24 hours, the healing process would be full swing and you get no benefit from having sutures placed. What you get though would be a wider scar.

3. Keep the wound site moisturized. Applying Vaseline or (a triple antibiotic ointment if you are not allergic to it) works wonders and makes the skin heal better.

Keeping the wound or suture site also makes the suture removal process a lot less painful for you.

4. If you are keloid-prone meaning your wounds heal with a huge raised scar, tape down scar area as tightly as you can for the first 3 weeks of your injury to minimize having a raised scar.

5. Of course, use Mederma or Bio Oil to minimize those scars. Both are available over the counter but would set you back by $20-$30.

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