It stands to reason that you’ve at least heard about CBD by now.

With so much coverage online and even local news, not to mention that CBD products of some variety are available at almost every store these days, it’s kind of hard to miss.

However, many of you are likely unaware, or at least under-aware, of exactly why people are using it, how they do so, and why the use is so popular.

While it would be impossible to completely educate you on the subject in this short article, we wanted to take a quick minute to share some of the highlights of how and why to take CBD, and why CBD shatter is one of the kind you should take.

And trust us, if you’re new to the subject, this could very well be an eye-opening few minutes.

Why Take CBD?

Though there is still quite a bit of research underway, there has already been a lot of completed studies and the findings have been more than promising.

The astounding results of lowering or even eliminating seizures for some epilepsy sufferers have been huge news, but that’s not all.

There are scores of CBD users reporting decreased insomnia, anxiety, and overall depression, and there are even studies showing that it may be effective against acne.

However, some of the biggest excitement comes from those suffering from chronic pain.

There is increasing evidence that while the right dosage may require some time to find, CBD has a positive effect on both localized and wide-spread pain.

The Easiest Ways to Dose with CBD


Available in several different forms, dosages, flavors, and sizes, ingesting CBD orally is arguably the easiest and one of the most popular methods of CBD dosing.

If not the most popular.

You can choose from basic gel capsules once or twice a day, which they make super easy with pre-measured doses.


One of the most popular “edible” CBD products are the gummy candies.

However, while there isn’t any “high” associated with CBD products, you’ll definitely want to keep these products out of the reach of little hands – it is candy after all.

There are also mints, lollipops, gum, chocolate, other types of candy, honey, all sorts of energy drinks, and plenty of other pre-made edibles/drinkables to choose from.

If candy or the other stuff mentioned above isn’t your cup of tea, well, you can actually get CBD infused tea and coffee but you can even start cooking with coconut oil or isolates (discussed in next section).


CBD oil itself is also extremely popular among those that like adding it to their secret recipes or using it directly as a tincture that is placed under the tongue.

These edible options give you a nice set of options for CBD usage and empower you to determine exactly how much of a dose you want at any given time.

However, if your situation calls for receiving the benefits of CBD as quickly as possible, this may not be the best option as it can take 30 minutes or longer.

But there’s an answer for that of course.

Dabs and Shatter

The term CBD “isolate” actually covers several different products that are from concentrated CBD extracts.

Isolate itself is a powdered form of pure CBD but when prepared certain ways and terpenes are added, it can be turned into wax and shatter, more commonly known as “dabs.”

The shards or waxy balls can be added to the top of a bowl of CBD or marijuana flower or smoked completely by itself.

Dabbing actually refers to this method in that users take a “dab” of the product and, generally using specialized smoking utensils, heat it to a high temperature in order to vaporize it for inhalation.

As the added terpenes provide many users a flavor that is more desirable than CBD’s natural taste in other fast-acting options and the fact that this method of dosing takes effect rather quickly, it’s definitely a good choice.

Topical Solutions

If you happen to suffer from localized pain, such as arthritis or muscle pain, the best way to leverage the benefits of CBD is likely a topical product.

Lotions infused with CBD and balms that are made with it as their main ingredient are widely available and quite popular.

Available in a variety of scents, strengths, and even extended-release formulas, a lot of chronic pain sufferers swear by topical solutions.


Even if you are a beginner when it comes to using CBD, there are many choices as to how you can consume this product to enjoy its many benefits.

Be sure to start with small doses in the beginning to get a feel for how your body will handle CBD. Once you get used to the effects, or require stronger effects, then you can increase the dosages.

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